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Seeing as though we are heavy billiard enthusiasts, we have taken it upon ourselves to be available to resell pool tables with previous owners! Many of these tables are up to $800 to $1100 dollars off the original selling price, making these pool tables much more affordable.

Now, you might be wondering the standards that each table must meet to qualify for resell, which Goodall Billiards take to heart very much! Well we resell any 3 piece slate table with brands including Baileys, Brunswick and Olhausen! But since we can’t be 100% sure of the quality of each table simply by the name, we keep in close contact with the seller to inspect the longevity of the table whether it would be worth selling! We always keep the seller in mind when dealing with their tables, after all, they are giving a piece of investment away and to us that is nothing to be taken lightly!


7′ AMF Playmaster pool table

9' Brunswick Gold Crown 2 (stock photo)

9′ Brunswick Gold Crown 2 (stock photo)



8′ Brunswick Bristol Pool Table

8′ Olhausen Oak Pool Table

8′ Brunswick Pool Table

Brunswick Hold’em Table…..brand new

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