Pool Tables

The one word that we have been proud to label every pool table with is “Quality”. All the way from the intricacy of the wood carvings to the caliber of the slate, your overall positive gameplay experience is most important to us! With our vast amount of designs and sizes, we are confident that we can find exactly the kind of pool table that you are looking for and one that can very possibly be a part of your family legacy!

Table care

  • Never use glass cleaner on wood surfaces—the ammonia can chemically attack the finish.
  • Until it is broken-in, a new cloth can considerably affect ball roll. This is normal. Break in your cloth by brushing it as often as possible during the first three months of use.
  • For leather pockets, treat with saddle soap or similar product. When finished, wipe pockets thoroughly to prevent ball and cloth blemishes.
  • Clean balls as needed with a mild household degreaser, such as 409®. Dry and polish with a clean soft cloth.
  • Always store cues upright in a wall rack located away from the outside walls, doors and heat vents. Wooden cues are susceptible to warping, never lean cues against a wall or table for any length of time
  • Never sit on the pool table, as it could break the seal between the rails and cushions, resulting in dead cushions that produce no ball response.
  • Always brush the cloth in the same direction toward the end of the table. Never brush in a circular motion.
  • Avoid storing balls in pockets for extended periods of time. If you do, distribute balls evenly in all pockets.
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