With over 10 years of experience, Goodall Billiards has serviced countless tables with a proven track record that has resulted in only great gameplay for every one of our customers! From Breakdown to Moving and Setup to Re-covering, we can care for your table as one of the best! We’ll even give you some helpful tips on how to maintain your table after we’ve left your home or office! Let’s take a look at how we care for your table in all aspects!


Breakdown & Moving – Even if it is not a pool table from Goodall Billiards, we can safely and expertly breakdown any pool table on location, and if necessary load it in the van and move it to the new location, wherever that might be! All the while treating the felt, bumpers and slate with extreme care! We will even consult with you before the move if there are any parts that might need to be replaced that would affect gameplay! Also, we have an established moving guarantee just as a precaution, but due to our experience, it has not needed to be fulfilled in the past 10 years of doing business!

Estimated Time: 20-40 minutes


We pride ourselves in making setup time as efficient as possible without compromising quality! This is the portion when we decide what to do with any parts that need to be repaired or replaced. However, if there are no repairs or changes to be made, then setup begins when the space is identified and making sure that parts are put together carefully, all while examining the felt integrity and defining levels, ensuring that you experience the best gameplay possible!

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours


This service is meant to keep your table in peak condition as much as possible, but this could be done whether you own a new or old table! Some might be customization but there are a lot of variables that could negatively affect the gameplay of the table, but all of which we can distinguish and care for such as felts, rubbers, pockets, slate, etc! We want to make sure you are having fun and there is no fun to be had with a bad table!

Estimated Time: Varies with table!